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Akilah S. Richards: Raising Free People

Akilah S. Richards is a Jamaican-born podcaster and writer who speaks about equity and cultural competence, leadership development, conscious parenting, and how people unschool. She started Raising Free People Network, a digital multimedia platform for education, deep listening, and emergent collaborations within the intersections of privilege, parenting, and power.

Akilah's celebrated unschooling podcast, Fare of the Free Child, and the numerous workshops and gatherings she has been part of, have garnered the attention of Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, Good Morning America, and most importantly, BIPOC families interested in living in healthier, consent-based, intergenerational relationships. Akilah is a founding board member of The Alliance for Self-Directed Education and her latest book, Raising Free People: Unschooling as Liberation and Healing Work, has been heralded as “the blueprint” for the type of self-inquiry and collective liberation that will help us free our children and ourselves.

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