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Channeling The Sacred Heart: A Day of Women Channelers

Organized by Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley/Little Visioneers Media, Channeling the Sacred Heart: A Day of Women Channelers is a day-long event featuring a diverse and seasoned line-up of women channelers who have honed their ability to be clear conduits for messages from Spirit.




Unique Channeled Messages

Direct Healing Energy Transmission

Meditative Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath

Video or Audio Recording Available

Event Recording Length: 5:25:09




Pre-birth Heart-commitment

Sacred Heart Consciousness

The Ascension

Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy

Aspects & Fractals of Consciousness

How to Create an Aspect

Healing & Integrating Separated Aspects

Connecting with a Future Aspect

The Earthbound Journey

Extraterrestrial Assistance

The Most Helpful Question to Ask at this Pivotal Time




Carol Morgan is a channel of divine wisdom and energy attunements for Xina Allen. Xina Allen is a focused point of consciousness, whose mission with humanity is to aid in our ascension by simplifying spiritual material. Xina vibrates in The Law of One and the Blue Avian collective.

Kesley Fahrenbruch is a Channeler and Healing Facilitator based out of Columbus, Ohio. Alongside working with bio-energy healing and the Channeling of our Guides and Teachers in Spirit, Kelsey has spent many years mastering the practice of Healing Fractals and Aspects of the Infinite Self, which has led to her greatest passion facilitating the healing work ‘Aspected Consciousness.’ She now is aiding her brothers and sisters via private sessions, healing and channeling their individual and collective Aspects, giving a voice to those voiceless parts of the Self whom we wish to integrate into the whole of Love.

Carmen Lara & Gina Nenstiel are partners in life and in their work with Blue Zulu Healing. A unique duo working in the Akashic Records, they are described by their guides as “like a radio”. Carmen is the transmitter and Gina the receiver.  Carmen transmits 5D geometric energy codes and directs it to the recipient(s). The recipient receives an energetic reading from Carmen, as well as the bulk of the energy work taking place in the session, as her specialty is clearing blocks. Carmen is also an amplifier for Gina who receives information while in the records  in a variety of ways and delivers words with high frequencies of love that fill the recipient.  Gina and Carmen have assisted many beings both people and animals, in healing through this work. 

Brittany Histing is a spiritual channeler, singer songwriter, intuitive energy healer and surf/ocean mentor residing in her heart, in Surf City, New Jersey. Traditionally trained as an emergency department nurse, Brittany was guided to transform her perspective on the meaning of life and healing when her father was diagnosed with stage four cancer in her late 20s. While she thought the journey was to heal her father, she soon realized the real journey was to open up her sacred voice and to heal herself.

The result of this experience took life in her passion business Surfing Waves of Light, where her mission is to empower beings to become their own healers and embody a harmonious, loving cohesive life using a mind, body, spirit approach. A lifetime spent in the ocean surfing and lifeguarding, Brittany knows firsthand the infinitely powerful healing energies of the ocean and is super passionate about teaching beings how to safely access the ocean as a tool for their wellness. Feel into Brittany's vibration by checking out her channelings of St. Germain & the Arcturian Council on YouTube (Surfing Waves of Light), experiencing a Healing Touch Energy Session, private channeling session or by joining her for a surf/ocean mentoring lesson.     

Video or audio recording available for purchase.                                    


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