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Michelle Renee: Nine Days: Living with My Soul Wide Open After Violent Trauma

Michelle Renee, a teen runaway who escaped a violent, traumatic childhood, beat the odds when she rose up from being a part-time bank teller to a respected Regional Sales Manager, Vice President, and Branch Manager in her 13-year career. A violent home invasion kidnapping, hostage, and bank robbery crime carried out against Michelle and her daughter ended her career. This story was chronicled in Michelle’s first book HELD HOSTAGE, which was made into a Lifetime movie.

In this interview, Michelle discusses her latest book, NINE DAYS: Living with My Soul Wide Open After Violent Trauma (June 2023).

Despite a violent and traumatic childhood, Michelle became an executive banker, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, certified trauma informed coach, and proud mom to her thriving daughter, Breea, who lives with multiple sclerosis. Together, they run VERB Media Group, Michelle's business in San Diego, CA.


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