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Three worlds collide one hot July night in 2012, when a freak accident causes a UFO to crash and disintegrate in a field outside of Roswell, New Mexico. History may well be repeating itself, but THIS TIME, WE'VE GOT VIDEO!


When she saw the fireball flashing low across the night sky, little Grace Tyler knew that her wish was coming true--extraterrestrials had finally returned to Roswell. At last, people would know the truth. But as she raced down the dark hallway to her mother's room, Gracie had another thought that made her stop in her tracks. "What if they're evil?"


The two alien astronauts could not believe what they were seeing in their view screen. As the Earth rushed up towards their plummeting spacecraft, the navigator just shook his head and muttered in his native tongue, "Great, just what we need...another Roswell."


General Thaddeus Cornwall Thornton, III, was an infant back in 1947 when the first UFO crashed in Roswell. Now, as he climbed out of the Black helicopter and surveyed this new crash site, a single thought seared through his beleaguered mind. "Why did they come back?" As Fate would have it, they would all have less than 72 hours to answer that question or face the total annihilation of the Earth.


Not since "E.T." has anything felt so good to so many.

Elliot: The Return to Roswell

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