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'I adored this novel' Pandora Sykes
'Incredibly moving' Charlie Gilmour
'I read it in two evenings' Clover Stroud
'Brilliant' Sarah Moss


It begins with a miracle: a baby born too small and too early, but defiantly alive. This is Joe.


Then, two years later, Emily, arrives. From the beginning, the siblings' lives are entwined.
Snake back through time. In a patch of nettle-infested wilderness, find Edward, seventeen-years-old, and falling in love with another boy.


In comes somebody else, Eleanor, with whom Edward starts a family. They find themselves grandparents to Joe and Emily.


When Joe is diagnosed with cancer, the family are left waiting for a miracle.


From one of our finest new authors, this is a profoundly beautiful novel about the unexpectedness of life and the miracle of love.

Here Comes the Miracle

SKU: 0170
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