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If you love books by women as much as we do, you’ve come to the right place because Little Visioneers wants to put a book in your hands. And on your shelves. And on your coffee tables.

Whether you are an individual who has dreamt of having your own personal library or a custom home specialist with a book-loving client, Little Visioneers founder and owner, Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley, writer/author and personal library curator, is ready to work with homeowners and organizations within any space or budget to fill and maintain custom personal libraries.


What We Do

Drawing on years of experience, relationships, and knowledge of books, Bridgitte and her team curate collections to create personal or mobile libraries that inspire community, collaboration, creativity and love.

Whether starting from scratch or adding to a collection, we consult with you to discuss how we can be of service.  


After an initial interview to discern your particular interests or genre preferences, we follow-up with a project proposal for your review, including costs and timeline required to create the custom collection.


Bridgitte then turns to the following array of resources to select texts relevant to your personal interests to fill your personal or mobile library: Publishers, bookstores, reader reviews, subject experts in specific fields, book fairs, museum shops, and her own network of connections for recommendations.


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Dream Library

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