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How to Get Started with Pendulums to Build Your Self-Trust

By Karina Muller & Lana Gendlin

Are you curious about the allure of pendulums? A pendulum is a tool that visually communicates answers to your Yes/No questions, which is extremely empowering. Especially, for those beginning their spiritual journey and exploring what practices resonate for them.

Pendulums are amazing guidance assistants, especially for those who have a hard time trusting themselves.

Like building a muscle, the more you practice accessing your intuition and listening to what guidance it has for you, the stronger it gets. Remaining present and observing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations helps you recognize when you are accessing your intuitive knowing. Simply being open, slowing down, listening for the answers you seek, and most importantly, connecting with your pendulum takes you into the hidden realms of your subconscious. With time, you’ll be able to practice discernment for yourself with ease, confidence, and more clarity.

We are all sovereign beings.

Recognizing this is crucial to living a life that is authentic and in alignment with our true nature. Acting on what is optimal for each of us is what allows us to step into our power.

Whether you found your perfect pendulum, or it found you, at HeartCentric, our biggest joy is knowing that this remarkable tool is in the right hands — yours! Maybe you bonded with your pendulum right away. Or perhaps you were drawn to your pendulum for a reason you’re still unclear about (we call this divine guidance). It could be that you resonated with the angel number that we pair with each particular pendulum we make. Regardless, over time you’re going to develop a stronger connection with your pendulum as it works with your energy.

Programming Your Pendulum

Once you bring your new pendulum home, you’ll want to cleanse and charge it. For a quick tutorial, please see our blog.


Whether you need a quick answer or are sitting down for a lengthier session with your pendulum, it’s a good idea to calibrate it each time you use it. This is easy to do. A pendulum will give you Yes/No answers.

First, you have to understand what your Yes/No motions are. The ways in which the pendulum moves are individual to you and will be different from others.

Hold the top of your pendulum (opposite end of the crystal or metal bottom) using your dominant hand's thumb and index finger. You can place your other hand underneath it to steady the energy flow.

Ask it to show you a yes.

You can say out loud:

“Dear universe, (...angels, spirit guides, whatever or whoever you feel called to) please show me a yes.”

Watch what direction and motion your pendulum swings. This is your individual yes motion. Note that you don't have to ask your questions out loud. Thinking the question will work just as well.

Now do the same to find out what your no motion looks like.

“Dear universe, please show me a no.”

You’re now ready to begin. Take a deep breath, get grounded and centered. Start by asking simple questions such as, “Did I have a muffin for breakfast?” Or “Is my name…(whatever your name is)?”  By doing this, you’ll get a feel for how your pendulum swings and calibrate it further. You can then begin asking more complex questions about your life or anything that you want clarity about.

The more you work with your pendulum, the more you will connect with it. Ease into this symbiotic relationship and get a feel for each other’s energies. Once you trust yourself and let go of expectations and urgency, the process will flow organically.

When asking questions, be as specific as possible.

If your questions are too vague or unclear, the pendulum may get confused. State your questions with confidence and remember to use close-ended questions. We encourage you to try this beautiful tool for yourself and see what kind of magic unfolds. Drop us a note and let us know how it’s going at If you’re interested in learning more about pendulums and how to use them to live your most authentic life, please check out our coaching services. We love hearing from you!


With gratitude,


Lana and Karina



HeartCentric is a female-owned coaching and intuitive tools & spiritual jewelry business.

Our mission is simple: HeartCentric empowers people to connect to their inner wisdom with the help of a pendulum.

We are bringing our mission to life by designing, making, selling, and coaching individuals and groups about using a pendulum to find clarity, wisdom, guidance, and healing.


We’ve helped thousands of people discover the power of working with a pendulum through speaking engagements and volunteer events. This is what truly inspires us and brings us joy. As we leave old, outdated dogmas behind and enter a new era, we believe there is no better time to bring awareness of this tool to the mainstream — for healing, for navigating life’s ups and downs, and most of all for empowering people to live their best life.


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