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Suzanne Giesemann: The Awakened Way

Spiritual teacher and medium Suzanne Giesemann knows how to live in a left-brained world. As a U.S. Navy commander and aide to the head of the U.S. military on 9/11, she was unaware of anything beyond this earthly realm. The death of her pregnant step-daughter by lightning strike catapulted Suzanne on a journey that led to the unexpected gift of evidence-based communication with non-physical Consciousness.

Known for her joyful, down-to-earth style and making deep spiritual concepts easy to understand, Suzanne laces her teaching with evidence-filled stories of the greater reality and practical tools that provide proof of our multi- dimensional nature.

She has authored numerous books, six best-selling Hemi-Sync recordings, and YouTube videos reaching over nine million viewers. She produces the Awakened Way app with daily inspirational messages and hosts the top-ranking Messages of Hope podcast. She leads classes, work- shops, and retreats in person and online to help people make the shift to a divinely guided life.

In this interview, Suzanne discusses her latest book, The Awakened Way: Making the Shift to a Divinely Guided Life.

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