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One woman's extraordinary journey from a life of physical and emotional pain to health and wholeness


This book is about the divine personal journey from the darkness into the light, and the collective journey we have undertaken as human beings, incarnated on earth at this spectacular moment of transformation, to move out of the separation consciousness that keeps us locked into patterns of conflict, suffering, and destructive behavior.


The author takes us through her troubled, tumultuous childhood in a deeply religious family who believed her extraordinary intuitive gifts to be the work of the devil. As she struggled to adapt to a world in which she felt completely alien, her desire for self-preservation and acceptance led her to actively suppress these gifts. The result was a great deal of suffering, including chronic migraines that regularly put her in the hospital, severe physical illness that nearly killed her, persistent, dark visions of tragedies she could not prevent, and countless sexual traumas and abuses that seemed to define every relationship in her formative years. This led to a deep distrust and fear of others, incredible self-doubt and loathing, and ultimately, a very dark depression.


Finally, an encounter with a divinely gifted healer reawakened her gifts and taught her how to truly free herself from her trauma and experience a life she loves, invulnerable to programming, fear, shame, or external influences.


The author's experience serves both as loving encouragement for all those suffering under the current reality, and as a practical guide for reclaiming your sovereign soul, discovering your true purpose, and finding the courage to pursue it fearlessly.

Emerging from Darkness

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