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Take control of your own health using this inspirational and empowering guide to true, holistic healing.


In Heal from Within, internationally recognized medical intuitive and licensed professional counselor Katie Beecher shares a revolutionary, step-by-step approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Using some of the same tools and exercises that Katie uses in her acclaimed medical and spiritual intuitive readings, the reader will be taught how to access their own intuition and spiritual guidance as they move towards healing that encompasses body, mind, and soul.


With information from her spiritual guides and thirty years of experience, Katie guides readers to inventory their physical and emotional health, identify their key issues and the possible emotional, physical and spiritual contributing factors, then develop a strategy to permanently heal the root causes. The book includes inspirational stories about Katie's discovery and development of her spiritual abilities and healing from an eating disorder, depression, trauma and Lyme disease as well as detailed accounts of the healing journeys of many of her clients. The second part of the book includes a comprehensive glossary of specific conditions along with tailored treatment suggestions.


Filled with practical advice--from suggestions for supplements to exercises, mantras, and dialogue prompts --Heal from Within empowers readers to confidently take control of their own wellness and become their own medical intuitive.

Heal from Within

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