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I Smell Truffles, Tulips and Time, by Chickie Temidayo, is a quietly clever and contemplative book of rhyming poetry, that gorgeously explores:


  • the fleeting passage of time,
  • the resplendency of nature,
  • the Black American experience,
  • the wistful state of loss;
  • and the graceful fluidity of life.


A flawless intermingling of lyrical musicality, honeyed soul and never-ending nostalgia, I Smell Truffles, Tulips and Time is for the wildly imaginative child in all of us, who decided to never leave our side.




I Smell Truffles, Tulips and Time

SKU: 0124
    • Poetry
    • Author - Chickie Temidayo
    • Publish Date - 12/2021
    • Pages - 178
    • Type - Paperback
    • EAN/UPC - 9781737477167
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