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Embark on a compelling odyssey alongside young Marie Quintana, whose life takes an extraordinary turn as her family escapes from their beloved homeland during the tumultuous rise of Fidel Castro's regime. Through the gripping pages of this memoir, join Marie on the last flight out of Cuba, a harrowing journey that thrusts her into an unknown and foreign land at a young age. In her quest to maintain family bonds and carve her identity as an American, she discovers her own resilience.Set against a canvas of historic upheavals, this memoir paints a vivid picture of the Quintana family's unwavering commitment to their faith and heritage while adapting to a new life in the United States. Experience the emotional rollercoaster of leaving behind all that was familiar and embracing the uncharted path of assimilation, growth, and self-discovery through Marie's perspective. Guided by her faith and a profound sense of purpose, Marie forged a remarkable career, attaining executive leadership positions in Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 corporations.


As she navigates the labyrinth of cultural adaptation, witness a poignant metamorphosis from a young girl to a woman, her narrative resonating with the universal pursuit of belonging. Last Flight from Havana stands as a testament to human tenacity, a tribute to diversity, and a gentle reminder that, regardless of distance, the heart unfailingly finds its true home.

Last Flight from Havana

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