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Love across cultures is tested when Antonio, a penniless university student, and Evelyn, a strong-willed Peace Corps volunteer, succumb to their attraction to one another at the end of her two-year commitment in Peru and Evelyn gets pregnant. Deeply in love, the twenty-three-year-olds marry in Cusco--and decide to begin their married life in Northern California.


Evelyn, like most wives of the '60s and '70s, expects her husband to support their family. And Antonio tries to take his place as head of the household, but he must first learn English, complete college, and find an adequate job. To make ends meet, Evelyn secures full-time positions, leaving their infant son in the care of others, and they both go on to attend college--she for two years, he for six. Then Antonio is offered a full-time professorship at the university he attended in Peru, and he takes it--leaving Evelyn a single parent. Parenthood, financial stress, the pull of both countries, and long visits from Antonio's mother threaten to destroy the bonds that brought them together.


Clear-eyed and frank, Love in Any Language illustrates the trials and joys in the blending of two cultures.

Love in Any Language

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