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Little ways to stay mindful, be present, and raise good humans--every day!

As a parent, it's the little things you do each and every day that can help your kids grow up to be kind, confident, and conscientious human beings. But if you're like many parents, you're probably feeling overwhelmed by the daily rush of getting to school on time, helping your kid finish their homework, planning meals, and all the seemingly endless tasks that pile up and steal the fun out of just being with your child. That's why you need quick, effective tools to stay present and manage emotions--both your child's and your own!


From the author of Raising Good Humans, this "go-to" daily guide offers 50 simple ways to press pause, stop reacting, and start parenting with intention. You'll also find mindfulness skills for calming your own stress when difficult emotions arise; and tips for cultivating respectful communication, effective conflict resolution, and reflective listening. Most importantly, by following these daily techniques, you'll learn to break the unhelpful patterns and ingrained reactions that reflect the generational habits shaped by your parents, so you can respond to your children in more skillful ways.


Busy parents will discover:


  • Self-compassion practices for those days when you feel like a "terrible parent"
  • Breathing and meditation exercises for calming emotions in the moment
  • Tips for "unhooking" from negative thoughts and self-criticism
  • Mindfulness skills for staying present with your kids


You'll also learn how to develop a "teaching mindset" when faced with difficult behavior, and find tons of creative and playful activities to increase cooperation in your child. Being a parent is a lot of work, but it can also be joyful and fun. Let this daily guide help you enjoy those little moments--they mean so much!

Raising Good Humans Every Day

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