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What are relationships for? The answer might not be what you think. Cindy Lora-Renard explains the purpose, process, and practice of shifting from identifying with the false self or ego to the true Self, so that all the relationships in one's life serve a holy purpose. Specifically focusing on romantic relationships, Cindy further discusses the difference between traditional marriage and spiritual partnership, ultimately leading the reader to the understanding that the goal is not merely to become one with another individual, but to remember your oneness with God.


Forgiveness is explored as the roadmap to the holy relationship, encouraging the reader to awaken from the dream of separation. When this happens, the need to hold onto past grievances and judgments vanishes, healing all relationships and accepting oneself as already whole and complete. Personal examples, exercises, and stories are shared to deepen the spiritual practice of shifting the purpose of relationships from being influenced by the ego to the expression of holiness.

Spiritual Coupling

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