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How living a spiritual life offers hope and healing in the modern world Ilana Estelle grew up not knowing she had a disability; it took forty-six years for her to find out that she was living with cerebral palsy. Spirituality has helped Ilana on her journey and in this book she uses her experience of mental and physical disability in the healing process, to create positivity and healing for others. Based on her own experiences of spirituality and healing, she shows how focusing on values such as understanding, compassion, tolerance, creativity and acceptance can help us find our inner calm.


This book will help you to:


- Improve emotional balance and wellness
- Boost confidence and self-esteem
- Stay self-aware, grounded and patient
- Appreciate life and each other
- Accept changing circumstances
- Enhance positive emotions and personal healing


Packed with inspiring messages and real life vignettes, Ilana's book shows how spirituality can help us cope with the modern world and reset our moral compass.

Spirituality, Healing and Me

SKU: 0168
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