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Modern medicine considers Autism to be an "incurable diagnosis," but Warrior Mom challenges this claim, sharing one mother's journey to heal her son from Autism.


After Tracy's son Noah regressed into a state of Autism following a vaccine injury, she spent years trying to figure out what was wrong with her little boy. Once given a diagnosis, doctors said Noah would never lead a normal functioning life--but Tracy knew this was not her son's fate.


Refusing to give up, Tracy endlessly searched through educational resources, attended autism conferences, and scoured the internet for alternative ways to heal her child. After learning from her naturopathic doctor that there was hope for healing children with autism, she decided to take charge of her son's case and stop listening to medical professionals who brushed off her questions and insisted she accept a bleak future for Noah. With the assistance of biomedical intervention, the hard work and guidance of advocates, and a mother's commitment, Noah's future looks a whole lot different than it does for thousands of other children relegated to a hopeless fate.


For parents who have heard the chilling words, "your child has Autism,"Warrior Mom offers hope, inspiration, and very specific advice to help them navigate the system, evaluate different treatment options, protect their marriage, and save their child. Even for parents who suspect their child might have autism, Tracy offers a wealth of information and guidance to assist children in getting the care they need to live a normal, productive life.

Warrior Mom

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