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The Women's National Book Association Great Group Reads

"Twenty different books written by twenty-two different authors and published by twenty different imprints combine to make this year’s list one filled with depth and variety. No two books are similar, yet they are all ones worth reading and, if you like, discussing.

This year’s list should offer booklovers of all sorts wonderful reading experiences that will take them out of their own spaces and into the lives and experiences of other people, down the street, across the country, and across oceans, and across time. The 2022 Great Group Reads list provides an outstanding selection of well-written works that will broaden understanding, foster empathy, and engender thoughtful consideration.

"And if you are looking for a book club to join, the Bookwoman Book Club exclusively reads books from the GGR lists.

The books on this year’s list are set in at least eight different countries, dozens of states and various time periods. They address personal and global issues.

This year’s list also had several firsts:

  • 13 books by independent or small presses and 2 books by university presses

  • 10 books by presses or imprints that have never before had a book selected

  • 4 short story collections

  • 3 books with co-authors, 2 of which are memoir

"Whether you use this list to plan for National Reading Group Month in October or to read with a book club or classroom, we hope you will celebrate the joy of shared reading!"

In light of our mission to celebrate the rich and indelible contribution of women to the literary world, Little Visioneers is happy to highlight and support the Women’s National Book Association which was established in 1917, before women in America had the right to vote.

"The WNBA’s founding idea—that books have power and that those involved in their creation gain strength from joining forces—reaches across the decades to now serve members across the country, in local chapters and network members in locations beyond the chapter cities.

"The organization has a range of programs including our affiliation with the United Nations Department of Public Information, the sponsorship of National Reading Group Month, and three distinguished national awards—the WNBA Award, the WNBA Pannel Award to Bookstores, and the Eastman grant. These national programs, plus lively events in chapter cities across the country, all contribute to the vibrant and expansive role that the WNBA has played in the world of books."


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