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Listening to Flowers: Positive Affirmations to Invoke the Healing Energy of the 38 Bach Flowers

By Dina Saalisi

Working with the energy of flowers is my passion. Through the years I’ve learned to listen carefully to the 38 Bach flower remedies, and to receive their messages as medicine. As a Holistic Healer, I recognize the power that lies in being able to shift negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, through inspiring language. Listening to Flowers uses the lens of the Bach flower remedies alongside spoken-word affirmations to spark positivity within.

To find the right medicine, we must first initiate a dialogue with ourselves, and be receptive to what calls to be heard.

When I notice that my stomach feels fluttery, I can pause and attune to the sensations inside, and notice what created the stir. I might recognize that my mind is over-full, and I can’t stop worrying. I can reach for White Chestnut remedy, for over-thinking, and I can connect even more deeply by using the affirmation:

“From stillness of mind, I embody calmness of spirit.” With the added essence of affirmative declaration, I begin to shift thought patterns, and I can use this at will, when I notice over-thinking arise.

Often, spiritual teachers guide students in the use of affirmations as a profound part of the healing process. This method utilizes ancient principles that re-connect us with the vibrant life force that is available for nourishment through the spoken word. By utilizing the beneficial energy available through a positive inner dialogue, we develop an ability to transform the stories we tell ourselves, and the limiting beliefs we harbor. Far beyond simply eradicating our challenges, we transcend and include all aspects of our experience, leading to true healing. By allowing a space free from self-judgment, we reclaim, and renew our wounded parts.

Over time, I’ve heard dozens of women talk about feelings of shame and guilt for having suffered traumas that they blame themselves for. I’ve offered Pine remedy countless times, and the affirmation stands strong as an elixir of self-love: “I am worthy and deserving of life’s gifts.” I’ve witnessed the transformations of many, as they slowly embraced this truth as reality, which created pathways for their healing.

In my work with others, I find positive affirmations coupled with flower remedies to be especially transformational to help balance the after-effects of trauma. This combination provides potent medicine that works on a deep soul level, as we begin to shift our perspectives, and view our goals for healing in a positive light, rather than focusing on the negativity of our symptoms. It’s an enlightening process to notice which words and phrases might be difficult to speak aloud, and how this relates to our deeper sense of self, and where we need to focus our attention, to grow.

Listening to flowers is ultimately about listening to our internal wisdom and accepting that our challenges lead us to our deepest healing.

When we discover the resonance available with language that supports deeper awareness of our limitations, as well as of our potentials, we catalyze greater health, and lasting wellbeing.

When Dr. Bach developed his system of healing with the remedies of 38 specific flowers nearly 100-years ago, he could not have imagined the inspiration his work would catalyze. Today, there are over three hundred flower essence manufacturers worldwide, and multitudes of practitioners and lay users who incorporate flower remedies into their daily self-care routines.

I was inspired to create the affirmations as a personal practice for connecting more deeply with the healing energy of each flower. I realized that to feel into the challenge with affirmative language, offered me a place to explore my emotions, with self-acceptance and hope. As I began to offer the affirmations to clients to go along with their flower remedies, I witnessed a more complete healing process than the remedies could provide alone.

The creation of Listening to Flowers is a six-year labor of love. I’ve nurtured it along through its evolution, and I know the power that lies within this tool to help shift challenging emotions.

The deck can be used alongside the remedies you are currently using, to provide positive support, or you can draw a card at random, and reflect on the deeper meaning of the flower displayed. Regardless of how you choose to interact with the medium, the message is clear. To set an intention to receive the healing light of flower energy, through a deeper understanding of your emotional experience, is profound medicine.

Most of the people I see for healing sessions (and most everyone I know on the planet) have experienced some form of emotional or physical trauma in their lives. The following is a partial list of flower remedies I find particularly useful in transforming difficult emotional states, connected with trauma.

When you read the descriptions of the flowers below, allow yourself to see the subtle ways in which the challenges show up for you. Feel free to recite the affirmations aloud, and consider the feelings provoked. Sometimes it’s what makes us uncomfortable that leads us to what needs to be healed. Have an easy touch and give yourself time and space to reflect.

Aspen is used when there is a sense of fear that cannot be named.

Those suffering with PTSD often have disturbing feelings that sneak up on them, which makes it hard to feel safe. With the use of Aspen, a sense of security is restored, and feelings of inner peace and courage are kindled. This remedy also helps with nightmares or any ominous feelings.

I embody unwavering courage

I am guided by steady presence of spirit

I am protected, safe, and secure

Cherry Plum is one of the five flowers in Rescue Remedy®️ and is used to counterbalance fear of losing control.

This flower helps us to re-connect to our body and mind, allowing for a pause before doing anything beyond our command. Cherry Plum offers a sense of true control in the form of emotional composure.

I am filled with self-possession

I trust my serene mind to guide me

I find the stability to command my actions

Clematis is used for the habit of dissociation.

When we get lost in daydreams and stories to escape reality, this flower helps us to re-connect with our physical presence, through grounded embodiment. After this restoration, we might notice that we begin to use creativity in healthy, productive ways, rather than spinning off into fantasy.

I am present in body, mind, and Spirit

I am clear and focused in this perfect moment

I am grounded in the here and now

Crab Apple is an effective remedy for a distorted sense of body image that many of us hold on to, which sometimes shows up with obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

When we feel unclean and impure, and find it hard to accept any imperfections, this flower allows for self-acceptance, and a positive self-image with the ability to release preoccupation with perfection.

I welcome imperfection as opportunity for growth

I view small details as part of a bigger picture

I embrace the perfect wholeness of my being

Mustard is used when there is a deep sense of gloom, which comes on suddenly, and may include periods of depression or free-floating anxiety that arise out of the blue.

The essence of Mustard restores joy and stability during dark, dismal feelings.

I am filled with golden glow

I embrace life with dynamic energy

I awaken to my radiant bliss

Rock Rose is another one of the five flowers in Rescue Remedy®️ and is used for feelings of terror.

It is used with success for panic attacks when there is frozen fear and helplessness. This flower restores a sense of calm, courage, and clarity.

I am bathed in soothing, golden light

I possess steadiness of body, mind, and spirit

I am blessed with abiding calm and true peace

White Chestnut is used for the mental anxiety of recurring thoughts that can’t be stopped.

When we replay unwanted scenes over and over in our minds and feel trapped by these thoughts and images. The essence of White Chestnut restores peace of mind with the ability to stay focused in the present moment.

From stillness of mind, I embody calmness of Spirit

I release unwanted thoughts and worries

I dwell in the sanctuary of inner peace

Rescue Remedy®️ should always be kept on hand and used whenever any intense emotions arise, or preventatively before stressful events.

This combination formula acts to rebalance equilibrium, and brings us back to a clear, calm presence.

I am focused, calm, and alert

I am guided by steadiness and strength

Clarity and peace wash over my Soul


Dina Saalisi is a Healer, Author, and Educator with skills as a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.

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