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Heal From Within: Root Cause Healing Using Medical and Spiritual Intuition

By Katie Beecher

I am going to begin this article with definitions of two important terms: Root cause healing and medical and spiritual intuition.

Root cause healing means detecting and addressing all the possible physical, emotional, and spiritual elements that impact health. Ideally, this is how you would expect and hope that all practitioners approach wellness, but sadly, this is not the case. Root cause healing isn’t about just treating symptoms. It is about permanent healing and prevention. I believe in it because it helped me to heal from a severe eating disorder, depression, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue virus and trauma and because I have successfully worked with thousands of people during my 30-year career using root cause healing.

Medical intuition is defined as using intuitive information to detect and address physical health concerns. I work in a unique way as a medical intuitive, not only because of my approach and training as a Licensed Professional Counselor, and because I address the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues of my clients, but also because of my methodology.

Using only a name and age (not a birthday), before ever seeing a photo or talking with my client in person or in any other manner, my guides create a highly accurate, detailed, individualized report and intuitive soul painting. I send this to my clients before we meet. During the meeting, we discuss the report along with any other issues that are important to the client. My guides offer insight, guidance, tools, and a plan going forward.

It is not obviously possible for me to meet individually with every person who needs my help, so I wanted to create a way that people could create a similar experience on their own. That is why I wrote Heal from Within.

If you ONLY want to know what kind of herbs or supplements to take or what foods to eat or avoid, you would not be getting a complete picture of what you can do for optimal health and wellness. I give you that information, but the work I do and the work I help YOU do goes much deeper.

I challenge you to work on loving yourself, trusting your intuition, listening to your body, reducing stress and anxiety, feeling what you may have been pushing down for years and using your voice.

I provide support and encouragement as you take steps toward ending unhappy relationships, starting a new career or business, setting healthy boundaries, and using your psychic and intuitive gifts. I help you see how trauma you have survived and may still need to process, relates to your physical and emotional symptoms. I help you ground and live in the present, rather than remaining stuck in the past or always be dreaming about the future. I believe in individualized healing and wellness, not one size fits all protocols.

I believe that challenges and symptoms are signals from spirit and our intuition that we need to live more authentically, which often means making changes like improved self-care, creating a stronger relationship with spirit and intuition, using our voice, leaving relationships and jobs that no longer serve us and setting healthier boundaries.

If we listen when we are first nudged, such as when we start to feel tired, have difficulty sleeping, have minor aches and pains, feel unorganized or overwhelmed or contract a minor illness like a cold, we do not have to be shocked into change and awareness from a significant illness or injury, the end of a relationship, a major accident, or losing a job or significant amount of money.

Want to learn more about the possible root causes and spiritual lessons of your own symptoms and experiences and take steps toward healing?

Here are some suggestions I like to do in writing so that it gets the ideas and feelings out of my head and body:

1. Identify one issue you would like to work on.

You may have many but start with only one so that you can give it your full attention and feel less overwhelmed.

2. Make an honest list.

How that issue is impacting you, your physical, emotional, and spiritual self, your loved ones, your career, etc. List positive and detrimental effects.

3. Ask yourself what was going on in your life when the event occurred, or symptoms started.

Where were you living? What stressors did you have? Any loss or changes? What were your relationships like? Did you begin or stop taking any medications or supplements? What was your spiritual life like? Any other physical or emotional symptoms? Had you traveled? Everything is potentially important.

4. Did you have any signals or intuitive inklings regarding the issue before it started or as it was beginning?

How many of those did you pay attention to or ignore?

5. Do your issues seem to follow a pattern?

Do they all seem to be centered around a certain area of your body, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. My book teaches you about chakras (energy centers in the body) and how to identify where your issues fit.

6. Write down anything that comes to mind that might be interfering with healing or seeking help.

Even something that seems insignificant might be important. You might even be afraid to heal because it means positive changes that you don’t think you are ready for.

7. Make a list of possible actions you can take toward change and healing.

This includes adjusting your mindset and being more authentic.

8. Pick just ONE thing from the list above, something not too complicated or time consuming and DO IT.

It’s okay if it takes several tries or if you temporarily give up.

9. Pick something else from your list and repeat step 8.

Heal from Within includes quizzes, checklists, templates, charts, writing prompts and other specific exercises to guide you. You don’t need to be a “medical intuitive” to use medical intuition for healing and growth. It isn’t magical or woo woo. It is simply listening to the wisdom inside of yourself and from spirit, which is always available and always has your back.


Katie Beecher, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Medical and Emotional Intuitive with over thirty years of experience. Katie is featured in Goop, Kourtney Kardashian’s website Poosh and Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics Blog and has taught a weeklong workshop at the Omega Institute. She has a unique way of working with clients, creating a detailed, individualized, physical, emotional, and spiritual report and symbolic painting, before ever seeing them, talking with them or seeing a photograph, using only their name and age.

Katie’s first book, Heal from Within: An Intuitive Guide to Wellness is published by St. Martin’s Press. Using practical tools and techniques Katie uses in her own medical and spiritual intuitive readings, the book teaches you to be your own medical intuitive using Katie’s revolutionary, step-by-step process for connecting to intuition and spirit, finding self-love and empowerment as well as how to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Heal from Within is filled with remarkable stories of healing from her years of experience as well as her own healing from bulimia, Lyme disease and depression.


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