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Transforming Your Heartache

by Belinda Womack

The 12 Archangels of the Central Sun, Soul of Source, teach us that when we use Heart Power, we naturally manifest the help, opportunities, and solutions that we need now. Expanding our ability to use this highest vibrational force is supported by transforming our human heartache, especially the sorrow trapped in the deep subconscious. Enjoy this healing exercise that works simply by reading it. The Angels welcome you to visualize the steps, however if visualizing is not easy for you, please trust the healing is still activated. The Angels say that it is our willingness to forgive what hurts, both the pain we remember as well as the loss from our ancestors that can be our joy to forgive and release.

Let us make room for the expansion of the creative love that flows from the divine inner child out into the vastness of Source to retrieve all that is for our greatest good and highest joy to experience!

Healing Experience
Transforming Your Heartache

Breathe in deeply and exhale completely. Walk through the purple door. Join your divine inner child, divine feminine, and divine masculine who you will find standing in a shallow lake, under a white-gold waterfall of pure, undiluted love. Welcome your ancestors to join you under the beautiful waterfall. Say to them,

“Thank you, ancestors from my mother’s side, father’s side, and all my past lives, for participating in the transformation of grief, sorrow, and loss that I carry for you.”

Invite all your hurting selves, emotionally, mentally, and psychically overwhelmed selves, and heartbroken selves from this life to join you and your ancestors in the white-gold lake of undiluted love. Begin to chant softly,

“I forgive it all. I forgive it for all of us.”

As you say the mantra, the waterfall turns violet with the energy of transformation and forgiveness. Open your rib cage as if it is a magic door. Ask your ancestors, divine Self, and hurting human selves to open their heart doors as you have done. Say,

“Grief, I acknowledge you. Loss, I acknowledge you. Sorrow and overwhelm, I acknowledge you. I release you into the violet-fire waterfall of forgiveness and ask that you return to the Central Sun to be transformed into abundant joy.”

Listen as your ancestors, divine Self, and suffering human selves acknowledge all that needs to be acknowledged. A great wave of dark energy that tastes like salty tears and cries out as it is released, leaves each participant. Your divine inner child is releasing for your wounded child, your divine feminine is releasing for your human female, and your divine masculine is releasing for your human male.

Once the darkness lifts, the waterfall and lake turn opalescent, sparkling with gold and silver. The sky fills with the white-gold radiance of the Central Sun. Say together,

“I call my joy and trust in a happier life into my humanity!”

Repeat until you feel light and free. Thank your ancestors and see them ascend on a white marble staircase to Heaven. See yourself step back through the purple door.

This visualization is only one of the 63 deepest healing experiences calling you to transform the lack in your life from the inside out. What else can you expect to discover from the highest vibrational Truth found within Angel Abundance?

The Angels teach you how to live by the divine laws of Schoolroom Earth and create true and sustainable wealth and happiness. The healing and guidance offered is amazing to experience because they give humanity the clear tools to bring human and planetary suffering to an end.

Here is a sample of what to expect from reading Angel Abundance:

  • Experience 63 healing visualizations to transform all that blocks you from receiving the infinite bounty of the Universe

  • Learn how to use the singing colors of the Central Sun, accessed through your own chakras, and raise your vibration to attract wealth—not only financial wealth, but anything you need to receive from Source to feel safe, happy, healthy, and free

  • Learn to cultivate your creativity garden, trust your intuition, and live your Soul’s purpose with courage and confidence.

Reading the visualizations from the 12 Archangels, with intention, helps you use the healing energy of undiluted love of the Central Sun to profoundly improve your life. The visualizations raise the vibration of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to attract lasting wealth and all else that you need to receive from Source to feel safe, happy, healthy, and free.

Helping you connect with the boundless care and “deep pockets” of your Soul to transform financial struggles and eliminate self-doubt, the 12 Archangels show that life keeps improving when you make room for the vast flow of creative genius and abundance coming from the Universe through the Divine Feminine.


Belinda J. Womack has been a clear messenger for the 12 Archangels for more than 30 years. Before being called to spiritual service, she worked as a scientist in a pediatric oncology lab. One eventful day while working on a stem cell sample, she had a surprise visit from Archangel Gabriel who told her that she was being called to help humanity.

Belinda still values the tangible (and as some of her students say, “phenomenal”) results that come with using the simple, yet profound tools of the 12 Archangels. She offers a multitude of online courses, advanced trainings, and YouTube videos on the teachings of the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun through her website, The author of Angel Abundance, Revelations on True Wealth from the 12 Archangels, and the bestselling book Lessons from the 12 Archangels, she lives in Kalispell, Montana.


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