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Gina Nenstiel & Carmen Lara: Live Akashic Records Channeling

Gina Nenstiel and Carmen Lara, both practitioners of energy healing in their own right, join us to talk about their work together accessing the Akashic Records which they demonstrate with a live reading.

Gina Nenstiel, 48 years-old, lives in Spearfish, South Dakota. After working in law enforcement for almost 15 years, in 2020 Gina attended the Oklahoma Retreat, hosted by Mary Boatman and Carol Morgan, that changed her life. It was there that she first saw extraterrestrial ships and experienced her first miraculous healing. This led to a path of devoted focus on the non-physical.

After living in Oklahoma her entire adult life, she received guidance that the Black Hills of South Dakota was her Love Territory. Gina promptly quit her job, sold her home, and moved to a place she had never been before. Since then, she and her partner, Carmen, have been working together exploring the Akashic Records and energetic healing. It is Gina’s mission now to shine the love of God onto everyone she comes in contact with using both her written words and spoken. Gina can be contacted at

Carmen Lara has been practicing energy healing with both animals and people since 2018. She is certified in Healing Touch for Animals and also uses the Akashic Records as a modality for healing. Carmen’s mission is to bring humanity and animals together. She educates her clients how to connect on a deeper level with their animals and to animals in general. Carmen also works with her partner, Gina, doing Akashic Records sessions. She is located in Spearfish, South Dakota and conducts sessions in-person and online. Carmen can be contacted at or via email at

To inquire about or to schedule an Akashic reading session with Gina and Carmen, they can be contacted at


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